Founder and President:

D. Vincent Thomas Jr.


Foremost in research, analysis, management, and partner collaboration, Obsterga™ Consulting, under the guidance of D. Vincent Thomas Jr., is poised to bring policy to a new generation in ways never thought of  by the more traditional consulting firms. Vincent and Obsterga™ Consulting will change the way policy is understood, presented, and implemented in this ever changing, fast paced world.

Vincent is a military veteran trained as an Operations Specialist for counter-narcotics and counter terrorism in the U.S. Coast Guard, a PhD Candidate in Public Policy, and a professor of American Foreign Policy, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, and Ethics at Elmhurst College, with nearly a decade of hands on experience. By combining his array of academic, military, and other professional experiences, Vincent is able to bring an uncanny ability to solve policy, research, operational, and political challenges.

Boards & Memberships:

  • U.S. Coast Guard (Specialist: Counter Narcotics and Counter-Terrorism)
  • Chicago Council on Global Affairs (Young Professional Ambassador)
  • American Public Policy Association (APPAM)
  • AIDS Foundation of Chicago: Associate Board Member - Policy and Education Co-Chair
  • Southern Poverty Law Center